"I was dreaming under Paris skies"

I never felt impressed by Paris, though my first experience abroad was when visiting the French Capital. At that time, I was susceptible to fell in love with a classical image of romance and dreaming, but I only became a poor tourist, hungry for more. My disappointment felt when seeing Paris for the first time didn’t vanish at the second sight, only few months later, when destiny brought me back there. I tried to see it from a different perspective, but I had its image projected unclear on my retina; its perfume passed bitter through my memory. Now I only carry a feeling of guilt and regret for not giving it a better chance…
Just before my first flight to Paris, I have discovered a beautiful song from a not very well known band, Big Electric Cat, who was speaking about Paris skies. At that moment I didn’t pay attention to anything (rhythm, lyrics or voice) and this song stayed hidden in a folder from my computer…until one of the last days when I’ve accidentally found in my playlist.
Now  I feel like, after refusing to dream under Paris skies, I only dream of being there. Dreaming.

M-am născut om şi am crescut robot. În prezent mă străduiesc să ajung în punctul din care am plecat. N-am reuşit în totalitate, însă cred că sunt pe drumul cel bun.

Când îmi explorez latura non-robotică, îmi place: să citesc şi să scriu, să croşetez şi să fac diverse obiecte “de mână”, să urc pe munte şi să înot în mare, să joc jocuri de societate.
Nu am uitat nici de micii mei prieteni cu blană, pisicile. Îmi place să petrec timp în compania lor, fapt pentru care umila-mi gospodărie este disputată de Kirb, Miarys şi Mioja.

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