Kirb, the story of the purring gray cat

I’ve often mentioned a purring gray cat in my stories, but I guess I forgot to introduce it her to you. Far from being just a secondary character in her roommate’s dreams and stories, Kirb has one of her own. Let’s hear read it.

One evening, when I was two (months, of course), some guys helped me getting drunk for the first time, using some cheap vodka for that. Just in the middle of the party, when everyone was making fun of me, a girl with a grey jacket came, took me into her arms, and brought me closer to the campfire. At that moment, I thought it was rude of her to take me away from my new friends without even asking me, but even ruder she was when she told them it is no fun in forcing a cat to drink alcohol.

However, she was tender, caring and she seemed impressed by the lovely coincidence between the color of my fur and the one of her jacket… She asked me if I wanted to see the city and live there with her. Well, I said “I do” “Yes” and the next day our journey begun: we left Poiana Tapului heading south, to Bucharest.

Finally (after a failed thieft attempt, of which I won’t speak now as I want you to have a nice image about me), we arrived in what I currently call my first home. It was a room in the university’s campus, where I met a guy I was also supposed to live with… but it was not love at first sight. I mean, he took care of me when I had my tail infected, but I couldn’t find any emotional attachment from him. One day, he told her that I’m just a trouble maker and their lives would be easier if they would just send me away. To my surprise, she assured him that he would learn how to accept and care for me.
Few months after that, the three of use moved in a bigger room where we did not spend too much time, but it was enough to almost sign my sentence to death. One morning, while being alone and bored, I had the idea to play my master’s guitar, but since I do not have any musical talent, all I could do was to play with it: the result was a disaster, as it was impossible to use it any longer. When they both came home, I had the strange feeling that it was my last day there, with them. For the second time, he asked A. to find me another home, but she said: “This guitar was old and you were planning to replace it anyway. Now is the time for us to buy another one”. This was my second time when I managed to do something very bad without being kicked out in the street.

About two years ago, the three of us moved into apartment. It was very nice and cozy: they bought another guitar, which was kept locked into a closet (damn it!), A. started to bead (and made a fulltime thief out of me) and we all had a good time. Everything seemed to be perfect until last summer, when he noticed something strange about me and took me to a doctor: it was a serious infection and few hours later, I was already having a surgery. From that moment I stopped being a female cat (you can guess what happened), but I had a greater achievement: my master finally recognized his love for me. That day I took the first step in conquering the world.
Although my friends were traveling a lot, one day I had a strange feeling that something was not right when I saw lots of luggage in the middle of the house. After a week, he was still away and A. told me he will never be back (not in the sense of living with us) as he now has another home and a… dog. I was disappointed to find myself replaced by a dog and yet my hope was that everything it was just a bad dream…

Nevertheless, hours were passing slowly while staring out the window, or waiting by the door, jumping and running at each noise: in vain, it wasn’t him. Don’t get me wrong: he came to see me (bringing nice things for me) and we had a lot of fun together, but it’s not the same since I often miss him.

A. noticed my low appetite, my lack of interest in whatever happened around me and she tried hardly to make me happier: she invented new games to play together, put me music every evening (Darkseed rulz!), made me dance on Mc Hammer (I feel embarrassed for doing that) and presented some of her friends in order to extend my social life. Unfortunately, I am the weirdo kind, as most of the people thought about me that I am rather a dog than a cat (yes, I can fetch), because I have the balls guts to bite and to growl whenever I feel they’re crossing the line. A. told me that both attitudes (the defender’s and the intruder’s) are very common for human beings and I shouldn’t bother too much about people who don’t like me. Well, I won’t.

This is the short version of my story and I am sure that other important facts about me are missing from this post, because I intentionally forgot to share them, or A., who has the right to push the publishing button, simply erased them. You know, she can be such a malefic creature sometimes, but I love her… in my own way. I also love you all, those who read this and might think I’m special.

M-am născut om şi am crescut robot. În prezent mă străduiesc să ajung în punctul din care am plecat. N-am reuşit în totalitate, însă cred că sunt pe drumul cel bun.

Când îmi explorez latura non-robotică, îmi place: să citesc şi să scriu, să croşetez şi să fac diverse obiecte “de mână”, să urc pe munte şi să înot în mare, să joc jocuri de societate.
Nu am uitat nici de micii mei prieteni cu blană, pisicile. Îmi place să petrec timp în compania lor, fapt pentru care umila-mi gospodărie este disputată de Kirb, Miarys şi Mioja.

Ihrielle – who has written posts on Kirb's Crib.

10 thoughts on “Kirb, the story of the purring gray cat

  1. andreea_none

    Muica, this is so weird, iti faci complimente si declaratii de una singura, stii nu?;))adica esti constienta, sper… de gravitatea situatiei… trebuie sa o amelioram cu niste vin fiert immediately…chiar in seara asta;))

  2. Ihriel

    Intentionezi sa ma na scapi de aceasta meteahna a mea complimentandu-ma pentru felul in care pregatesc eu vinul? 😀 Sau te dai la mine?:))

  3. hdragomir

    Pleased to meet you, Kirb. You're sexy!

    Și trebuie să mă iau și eu puțin de câte complimente ți-ai făcut.
    E un "Măcar eu?" sau îți place? 😛

  4. Ihriel

    Horia, I hope you don't have dirty thoughts with her (Kirb is not an "it"):P

    Incercam doar sa ma imbat cu apa rece, autosugestionandu-ma ca mita (Kirb) ar gandi (daca ar putea sa) intr-un mod frumos despre mine. De fapt, doar spuneam prostii, ca deobicei,asa ca nu ma luati prea des in serios 🙂

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