Somebody took something from my drink

I often had the feeling that a small crack had occurred in most of the aspects that define me. As long periods of introspection couldn’t reveal more than I already knew, I find myself in the position of self-questioning whether my past and current experiences are indeed authentic or they are just cheap fakes. Being aware that I might pass through a world of blindness and confusion, I still find it difficult to reconfigure the initial me and put it against the actual one. Of course, I’m not expecting answers, but a small number, the binary result of the subtraction of the constructed I from the primordial me. I only hope it will be void, as every loss should be counterbalancing a new achievement.

meI =0.00000000000000000001

Despite the theory, something is missing and it was not replaced or at least compensated. with something else. For a long period, the result of the subtraction is just above zero, with an apparently small decimal, indeed, but still showing a clear loss. I might say that due to the time taken to establish a missing part and its unsuccessful identification, the loss is insignificant. However, I will not do that. I will not accept things not going right and I will not act as if this mising spot was never there: it was there at the begining, it got lost on the way and the fact that I find myself incapable to name it can only sustain my cause. So…who took it?

M-am născut om şi am crescut robot. În prezent mă străduiesc să ajung în punctul din care am plecat. N-am reuşit în totalitate, însă cred că sunt pe drumul cel bun.

Când îmi explorez latura non-robotică, îmi place: să citesc şi să scriu, să croşetez şi să fac diverse obiecte “de mână”, să urc pe munte şi să înot în mare, să joc jocuri de societate.
Nu am uitat nici de micii mei prieteni cu blană, pisicile. Îmi place să petrec timp în compania lor, fapt pentru care umila-mi gospodărie este disputată de Kirb, Miarys şi Mioja.

Ihrielle – who has written posts on Kirb's Crib.

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