Under the Imaginary Veil

I can’t explain this…

Sometimes, when you act nice because you really feel like doing it some mothe paranoid maniacs consider necessary to dig after some obscure purposes of your gestures. They aren’t doing that because they’ve remarked a strange behaviour (probably they don’t know you too well), but they would love to (or pretend to) find special things about you when, in fact, they are searching for filthy details that might feed their self-flattering mental scenarios.

They often think is strange for someone to behave friendly with them. This attitude should be fine for someone who had an unhappy childhood, who never had friends, who was socially stigmatized or all together… Otherwise, it only proves they are the strange ones. I know that some of them might be critical, as they tend to filter out the information they receive from the outside world, but there is no use in exaggerating with that.

For example, if I’ll ever serve you a cup of tea, you shouldn’t think I’m doing it because I find you special or, by contrary, see yourself in my eyes as being a totally uninteresting person only because I didn’t give you that stupid cup o tea. I would give you a cup of tea only if I think you might need it and not because I’m judging you whether you deserve it or not. So, if I’ll ever do that or something else is not because I expect to get something in return, to be appreciated, to hear “thanks” or to gain future advantages. Moreover, if I sometimes seem to forget to serve you that cup of tea, before you’ll ask me to bring it to you, please reconsider: I might think you are too spoiled and recommend you to prepare the tea yourself. You souldn’t forget that sometimes you have to make an effort for the things you once had freely.

If I’ll ever ask you to grab that branch and pick up the yellow apple for me, I would only do it because you’re taller. Now when you know it would you still think I might ask you that because I have a fantasy with you holding an apple in your hand, a sort of cheap remake after the Tree of Knowledge scene in which you are playing the role of Eve and me the one of the snake? You should learn how to refuse my request, without using the words “maybe” or “later” and let me grab that apple even if I’ll look silly while jumping in my desperate aim to reach the branch.

Before you’ll even think about the hidden purpose of this post, let me worry about the significance my gestures could have… and if you don’t see me concerned, then you should remember I only do whatever I do because I sincerely think and feel it’s right this way.

Let’s just stop, for a moment only, from assigning our own imaginary significations to the actions of the others.
Is it true that tea tastes better now?

M-am născut om şi am crescut robot. În prezent mă străduiesc să ajung în punctul din care am plecat. N-am reuşit în totalitate, însă cred că sunt pe drumul cel bun.

Când îmi explorez latura non-robotică, îmi place: să citesc şi să scriu, să croşetez şi să fac diverse obiecte “de mână”, să urc pe munte şi să înot în mare, să joc jocuri de societate.
Nu am uitat nici de micii mei prieteni cu blană, pisicile. Îmi place să petrec timp în compania lor, fapt pentru care umila-mi gospodărie este disputată de Kirb, Miarys şi Mioja.

Ihrielle – who has written posts on Kirb's Crib.

2 thoughts on “Under the Imaginary Veil

  1. anna

    eu cand fac ceaiul cuiva, de obicei inseamna ca imi e drag/a. nu ma astept la altceva decat sa vada asta. e drept, e mai bine sa intrebam care e semnificatia actiunilor celor din jur decat sa ne pripim sa o atribuim noi, gresit. bine punctata concluzia 🙂

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